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Thanks so much to anyone who follows us - we apologise for the month off!

Melissa & Sarah xx

laura-is-amazing said: I'm having like a massive fangirl for you after Ryan followed you!!! OMG!!! I've loved him for so many years, about 4 years now :) I can't explain how much he's done for me, such an inspiration :) so proud watching the page go from 100,000 likes to 100,000,000!!! :) watching their dreams come true is amazing <3 anyways :P how long have you had this blog for? :)

Awwww, that’s so nice of you to be excited for us!!!!

Ryan and the other HCR guys are definately inspirations for us and so getting a follow (something incredibly unexpected) was such a gift.

We’ve had this blog since┬áJune 2012. We’d followed eachother on Twitter for a while, and after some DMing, we decided to start this blog.

Sarah’s the one who makes all the edits - I’m just not that artistic!

We should have some new posts up soon…if you’d like to submit any, please do!

Take care!

Melissa xx