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thefuckisthis-thefuckisyou said: youre soo lucky! but your blog is amazing so its ok :)

Thank you xx

Just had a mini heartattack.

We haven’t posted anything in a while and we are SO SORRY!!

Sarah and myself both have had the amazing experience of seeing/meeting HCR over the past month, which we never thought would be possible!

We’re taking any “HCR Things” NOW! Just pop over to the ASK box and tell us what you love about HCR :)


-Melissa & Sarah xx

punkpopgirl said: you sure are lucky ryan just said your blog is great!!! Love that man & HCR!!



Anonymous said: Hey there! I absolutely LOVED this blog! I'm a latin HCR fan so please don't find my question too stupid: how do we pronounce Ryan's last name? Oh, do you know where can I get HD pictures of them for wallpapers, twitter covers etc? Thanks!! :)

Hey, thank you so much! It’s pronounced “fo-lu-say”. Anyway, in this video they all say their last names, so check it out.

And about the HD pictures, they don’t have proper picture gallery, so you better keep searching on google changing the options to large pictures!

Anonymous said: is Jamie's tumblr jfol(.)tumblr(.)com ?

Sure is!

He doesn’t use it a whole lot though.

cullenmasen said: can i marry your blog